Putting A Smile On The Faces Of Little Children In Haiti

This young brother who was deported to Haiti about a year ago has decided to turn his unfortunate situation into a positive. He is using his new platform on youtube in order to place some smiles on the faces of children who are living without some of the basic necessities. Although it’s not much, heContinue reading “Putting A Smile On The Faces Of Little Children In Haiti”

Seeing Haiti Through the Eyes of a Haitian Deportee

Often times, when a Haitian child migrate from Haiti at a very young age, they learn to fear the country that birthed them by seeing the negative images that are shown in the the media. Many times, their fear originates from stories that they hear from the mouth of their own family members. Through thoseContinue reading “Seeing Haiti Through the Eyes of a Haitian Deportee”

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